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Originally Posted by skymaster
Originally Posted by POPPA_DADDYO
I see you are going on the Miracle in a few weeks. Please let me know how the smoking was, since I will be on the Miracle next year.
You can count on it. I'll post upon our return. The worst smoke filled room we've experienced lately was the room where the karaoke was being held on the Glory. It was a samll room, and totally packed with smokers every night. It was so bad that when I'd return to the cabin, the lovely Mrs. Jones (Vita) would make me put my clothing in a sealed plastic bag, and take a shower before I could come to bed!


Ken[/quote]My point exactly. We do not need to go through all that stinky smoke. My worst encounter by smoke on my last cruise was in the eating area. Yes, the eating area. Amazing how that is a non smoking area and it was worse than the casino. I only walked past the casino since I do not subject myself to smoking areas. The clothes we wear then have to go back to our cabins and stink them all up for the remainder of the cruise. I bring the sprays to sanitize everything. Would be much more enjoyable without being on pins and needles wondering if people on the cruise are going to follow the rules or be rude and blow that smoke your direction. I f Carnival would enforce these rules that they make, then it would be more enjoyable knowing the smokers would be dealt with. Most smokers will just smoke in non smoking areas until somebody tells them. Then a few that were told will try again. You see that everywhere. Big signs and announcements would help, but security needs to be enforcing it!
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