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If you are like me and don't believe in medication go to a health store or whole food stores and get some trip wafers. They are ginger wafers. I took one after we had boarded and we were eating. We had a really rough nite the first evening during supper. I was drinking a little milk, eating a little fish & bread, and taking the trip pills. I didn't get sick, but was freaked out with the dining room emptying out and the sounds of things falling and loud noises. The roughness was over after supper, but alot of our group spent the nite in their cabin. I was on Carnival's Valor and they went to each cabin checking on everyone and giving out sea sickness pills. They said eat apples to prevent sea sickness, I had heard eat high protein meals, but definitely ginger. I quit taking the trip pills after a day.

I had heard not to bend over or you would get sea sick. Bending over didn't bother me either. It was so funny - I was in the elevator the first day, when a guy dropped his ink pen. We both looked at each other and knew we couldn't bend over. It was so funny.
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