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Default Re: LUXURY CRUISING - Silversea Virtual Cruise Oct 18-23

Originally Posted by crabbie1
Paul, enjoyed your photo gallery very much. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.crabbie1
Thank you, wityh subject matter like Petra it is hard to have a bad photo gallery.

I have to say a word about these fine Silversea shore excursions. They always hire the best guides one can find, in this case our guide grewup in the hills and caves of Petra, as a Bedouin. he knows everything about it.

Tomorrow, our shorex of the Valley of the Kings leaves from the Egyptian Red Sea City of Safaga, and we drive to Luxor, where we spend an entire day touring, go to hotel to spend the night, and then tour the entire next day until about 3:00 p.m.

At that point, most people go back to the ship (by bus) for the rest of the cruise (4 days at sea follow) but we are ending our cruise, getting on a plane and traveling back to the USA. On Silversea, you can start and en d a cruise and day(s) you want, as long as you stay a minmum of 5 days.

We ended our cruise early, and so a fair number of passengers. In reality this is a slightlyu older crowd, and largely European and Brits. So, the do not have the work-a-day mentality we do. It is harder for us Americans to take 2 weeks off.

And this shorex is not cheap either, $500, but when you think about what you get rather than the usual 4-hour drive-by bus tour, it is worth is. We are going to sea the Valley of the Kings at night.

More pics to come soon, naturally... and they keep getting better and better...
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