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We visit Karnak and Luxor in Egypt...

Whhheewwww..... so much has been happening I can barely keep up, but this trip is one of a lifetime.

Silversea Cruises arranged for us to travel overland to the Nile River city of Luxor. Here we saw all kinds of Egyptian ruins (yesterday) up to 4000 years old. Incredible to think we had such intelligent civilizations as many years before Christ lived as we are living now since Christ walked on this earth.

Please see the 2 new photo galleries, there is so much more to see than there is to say.

Next (Thursaday) I will show pictures of the Nile in the morning, and then we went to the valley of the kings and saw the tomb of Tutahnkhamen. And other even greater pharoahs like Rameses.

Tonight I begin about 24 hours of flying time: Luxor to Cairo, Frankfurt to Phoenix.

But what a remarkable a cruise, and how Silversea does take care of details. We have not had to WORRY ABOUT A SINGLE THING!
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