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carnival is a little different that some lines......hoity-toity is NOT there style. If you LOVE jeans which alot of us do......and they are in great shape....wear them. If others are so dead set against it and it must be pearl and furs then another line is for them......I agree that khaki's are the best alternative.....looks nice and feels ALMOST like jeans. Carnival crowds are laid back people anyway.......and I am not poking at the people who dress up in gowns and tuxes,,,,,that's great for whoever wants to. But if I want to wear a nice top and jeans to dinner it shouldn't matter to anyone else. I enjoy the formal dinner also and don't feel that it has to be done in sundays best !!!!! People say it draws attention away from those that do go for the 9's.....I say BULL, however you dress is up to you IT'S YOUR vacation, YOU paid for it and if you dress up or casual jeans it's up to you.
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