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Default I'm totally serious

You see the reason you guys think this is a funny qestion and you don't get it is cause you're not chicks. Women want to lok beautiful, do it cheap, do it on the sly and be pampered and treated like queen---so why not a cruise? They have whole sightseeing/plastic surgery pacakges in Argentina and Buenos Aires, where you can have a face lift one day and 3 days later go out and whale watch. I think the liposuction at the table idea is great in theory (you'd have to run the drainage hoses under the dining room carpet so ghe waiters didn't trip over them... lol) ---but what I'm talking about would go over BIG among the botox/lip injection one-hour face lift crowd. Believe me! I bet you oin two years there will be just such a cruise if there isn't one already.
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