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Default Happy fourth of July to mehawk

Happy Monday and happy 4th of July especially to my friend Michael (mehawk) or is it Friday? I am not sure. Anyway It is another cool morning here in sunny Kansas city, Florida in the great United States of Canada! Since my friend was a little confused I thought I would catch you up to speed with things on this great holiday.

Well we beat back the Brits in the Revolutionary war with King George surrendering and signing an unconditional surrender and Dwight Eisenhower claiming victory by a score of 3-2 after 9 innings of play.

Then there was WW I " the war to end all wars"! evidently not cause we then had WW II.

WW II was something else! General Robert E Lee and his Union soldiers pushed Germany back over the 38th parallel. Then we celebrated by watching these 2 huge firework displays over Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan!

Then there was Vietnam but this was not a war, it was a "police action"
The funny thing about this "police action" was that stock in Dunkin Donuts and Maxwell house coffee skyrocketed.

Then the war in Iraq! Well we had 2. Papa Bush started the first one then some other guy was president for 8 years then baby Bush came back and bombed Iraq again! keep it in the family thats what I always say.

So on this special day I just wanted to make sure you are not confused about things. If you need to know anything else just ask and I will be happy to give you the scoop. Get well my friend! and remember, have a happy Saturday!
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