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Originally Posted by Fruitcake
Originally Posted by Bagologist
You don't want to travel?
Don't get a passport.
You want to travel?
Get a passport.
And therein lies the confusion.
You still can travel some places without one.

I don't think anyone here is advocating that people NOT get passports.
The OP was opining about cruise lines providing incentives so people who don't have passports would go out and obtain them.

And we went off from there.
Thank You Fruitcake,

The last thing that I wished to do when starting this thread was to bash anyones country or to state that you ought not to need a passport while traveling outside of the US (for us US residents).

It is difficult for the majority of US citizens to grasp the need of the passport while traveling abroad. If one were to be traveling to a country that required a passport to enter, lets use Russia for example, the average US citizen would march down to the local passport application station and apply without a fuss.

What must be rubbing everyone the wrong way in the US is "I didn't need a passport to enter Canada or Mexico yesterday why do I need one now?" I think that the government did a bad job of explaining that the passport requirement is not to enter Mexico but to re-enter the US. It is going to be your federal ID card. Having said that, once they set a date requiring passports they really screwed up by not sticking to it. "Must not really need it, after all if they keep backing up the date" is what is on he minds of those who have put off getting one.

The thread was started saying that the cruise line industry, a industry who's very business is to transport pax from one country to another for fun and profit, might could use this issue as a marketing tool to increase the market share of pax that are willing to apply and purchase a passport. I sorry if I have offended anyone with my poorly worded suggestion.

As Rodney King once said "Why can't we all just get along"

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