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Originally Posted by Joey Troutt

What must be rubbing everyone the wrong way in the US is "I didn't need a passport to enter Canada or Mexico yesterday why do I need one now?" I think that the government did a bad job of explaining that the passport requirement is not to enter Mexico but to re-enter the US. It is going to be your federal ID card. Having said that, once they set a date requiring passports they really screwed up by not sticking to it. "Must not really need it, after all if they keep backing up the date" is what is on he minds of those who have put off getting one.

You are right it is to re-enter your own Country that you need a passport...many people think it is to enter other Countries,
in a lot of cases you do need a passport.
But the Govenment did not think it through....what about those people that just want to go to Mexico or Canada for the day.
They are now trying to immplement an Pass card system for those people.

But I do not agree that the cruiselines should give anything to people as incentive to get a passport. What about all those PAX that went and got THEIR passorts willing.
They are being penalized in that case.
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