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Default Fun Ship Dollars

As before, if I come up with some new ideas, or have discovered something new on the web, I like to pass it along, so here goes.

I think the best possible cruise is one that you can go and enjoy, and it be paid for when you get home. But, there has always been that problem with the On Board Credit that we always end up with.

I now know to plan ahead, and pay for the cruise. I always include the tips with the price of the cruise, so that gets paid at the same time. I always book our excursions on line, and get those paid for, but that OBC always got me. Well, this is where your Fun Ship Dollars come in. You can go to the Carnival web site, and purchase them. You can have them delivered to your home but you can also have them applied to your on board account. What you do is when they ask for an address to be sent, put down your booking number. I have not tried this yet, because I have just discovered it, but I am told that Carnival will send you an e-mail to let you know that they have been applied, and I am told that it will also appear on your docs when you get them.

Now, what all of this means is that each month, before your cruise, if you will buy one of the dollars(they come in different amounts) you will have paid for your OBC by the time you cruise. If you do not use all of the amount on board, they will refund the left over amount.

If you are the type of person that needs to see it in your hands, you can have the dollars sent to your home, and when on board, go to the Pursers deck, and apply them.

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