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Kitty 2,

I agree about the pass card may be an easier approach to the issue than a full fledged passport but there is still going to be a cost involved with the pass card. Also the passcard is not going to be universal (won't be accepted in all countries)

Will it be fair if the Canadian government decides to forgo the pass card and requires its citizens to possess a passport while those in the US can get by with a cheaper passcard.

I don't know if there is a "fair" way to do it. I do know that if the US government decides to impliment the pass card system that there will be hell to pay when some of those who purchase the pass card find out that they are gonna have to purchase a passport in addition to be admitted to many countries that won't reconize the pass card.

IMO the US government dropped the ball by not sticking to a policy that was voted on and passed by the Congress as needed to control those who wish to enter/re-enter the US. Now, we US citizens, are gonna have to listen to these same aurguments again in 2009 (if not sooner) and yes were gonna have to pay for overtime for those persons to process the passport/pass card when that day arrives for those who have waited again the last minute to apply hoping that it gets put off again.

As for the cruise industry, they have been know to give "free towels and bathrobes, upgrades, ect. to get pax to book early so the OBC would just be another marketing tool........

Oh well just something to gripe about

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