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KD, dont you dare cut out on us, take a deep breath, come back into the water that is getting a bit hot right now, but you chill for a bit, you're a good person and I dont want to see you go.

Folks I think the basic premise of this is the confusion, in "do I need a passport and right now today". That is not our doing but agency's that cannot make up their minds,, so they go for the "grey area" and everyone is left confused...Why do we pay these people?

Here is my line, I totally respect that "individuals" have been able in the past to move from place to place without one (passport). But the world has changed and with that accept that having a passport "should" be the only way to travel outside your own country borders,,,yes tough to accept, but it is today's reality and needed if we attempt to preserve what we have.

Yet another DBG throw away line...think of the bigger picture and how you could help it by doing one thing and owning a passport.
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