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Good thing that there are no grammer police patroling this thread as I would have been before the judge a long time ago

Both kitty2 and fruitcake are right in your statements. I don't believe that there isn't anyone who reads this thread that doesn't have a passport so lets all humm a few bars.

And as for your statement Kitty, the cruise lines try not to treat pax unfairly but then again it does happen with the past guest parties and things such as that. Having said that, as it has been said before in this thread, the cruise lines aren't going to give anything to help ease the mess that they have helped to create. But your post of the pass card system for "land and sea travel" still is going to come back and bite the cruise industry somewhere down the road. There is no provision in the system if you have to re-enter by air. Humans, being as they are, will have to blame someone so the cruise industry will bear the blunt of the backlash.....
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