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Default Best time to arrive at port?

Our family will be cruising on the Navigator on Nov 25th out of Miami. We will be doing the Western Carr. route.

Anyway the RCI indicates the boarding takes place at 2pm? I have cruised other lines before and typically we are on the ship prior to noon or soon afterwards. I assume RCI advertises 2pm but is available much sooner (or at least I hope so). What have others experienced in the past with the Navigator or other RCI ship out of Miami. If we arrive at 11am will we simply be waiting for a few hours or will we most likely get on the ship close to noon? Keep in mind that those coming off the ship will be the Thanksgiving week cruise - I assume a full load, but they are schedule to arrive port by 7am.

Lastly, my wife only drinks Caffine-free Diet Coke. I assume RCI allows for us to bring a 12 pak in our suit case. I assume they allow take on soda, just not alcohol.

Appreciate your anyone able to reply. Thanks Steve
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