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it has ben about 5 years since i was in oahu, but check this place out and see if it's still around.....

there's a great restaurant in the lobby of the outrigger reef on the beach called shore bird. you order your dinner and partake in the salad bar and then they bring you the meat raw and you get to cook it yourself on this huge indoor grill. (they will cook it for you if you're not into that, but we thought it was a lot of fun to do it ourselves.) they had lots of help around the grill area to check temperatures for you or offer advice.

fyi, they also have poi on the salad bar so you can try a little bit. in all honesty, it tastes like absolutely nothing but i made a resolution to try one new thing each day and for that particular day, poi was it!

enjoy! there is a scent in the air in hawaii i've never smelled before and no candle or air freshener can come close!

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