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Default Re: Re: Carnival Conquest - New Orleans - Oct. 10 - 17

<<<Sorry your trip won't be what you ordered but maybe give Carnival the benefit of the doubt. They didn't or don't want to change intineraries until the very last moment. Maybe they were hopeful too, that they would stop in GC. It's still days away, miracles to happen. But look at it this way, you're on vacation, you're on a cruise, party time! ENJOY

I did say "I know we're going to have a blast wherever we go," and that's true. In another thread I posted that on Saturday a Carnival rep told us that she had just spoken to "service" and Grand Cayman gave clearance for ships to port there and that Sunday's Conquest sailing would make the stop. Also Carnival's website gave no itinerary changes for the Conquest and when you call, they say no changes. I know it's not Carnival's fault that Ivan picked Cayman as his target and if the ship can't go there, it can't go there - so be it. The part that bothers me is Carnival's lies. I don't even expect a lot of advance notice - I understand they don't want people cancelling. But don't lie about no itinerary changes when there will be nearly 3000 passengers who will say otherwise.

OK, rant over. Back to PRE-VACATION EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!

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