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Originally Posted by Luanne Russo
I'M sorry Kim, I have been working all day, and did miss you question.

The reason I suggested that you apply them to your account, is so you don't have to go to the pursers desk. I try to stay away from that place as much as possible, because there is forever someone whining.

I have to say, I have not purchased the dollars before. I just was doing research, and found out it could be done.

This would also be a good gift to someone, who might be getting married, birthday etc.

The reason for the research, was we are still paying for our last cruise, because it was last minute. Cruising to me has become a drug.

Hubby gets orders for Iraq= me a cruise to make it all better

This time I want to not have those end of the cruise blues. It will be fun, and painless, because it will be paid for. I am also getting more expensive, because this time I have booked the penthouse suite. Boy will hubby be surprised this time.

Fern is right though(I do believe we were sisters in another life ) It does depend on the person.

But how bad is it to have so many ideas, and you get to pick the one that works for you and your family.

Hello! I read on one of these boards, the same thing you are suggesting. Buy Fun Ship Dollars before hand and have the cruise, plus spending money paid off before you go. We are doing a completely cash cruise, so buying theses certificates ahead of time, means more money saved to drink, for the casino, or souveniors, etc. I have entered my booking number in the address line, and did get an email back from Carnival, plus verified it with the bank that they got the money.

Plus, I also agree, stay away from the pursers desk, at all cost. We also plan to plan excursions on line too, most likely through Carnival, so we are sure we'll make it back on the ship and get a refund if its canceled for any reason.

Thanks for the post. Oh by the way, what does OBC mean?


~~Can't Wait~~
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