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I was on the Dawn w/o 10/22-29/06 and on Wednesday, the magic show with Greg Gleason ended early because his last trick went bad.

Gleason rode a motorcycle onto the stage that he then rode into a large open sided cage. Two large chains were connected to either side of the cage and began to lift the cage, the motorcycle a Gleason into the air above the stage. Obstensibly, one or all of them were to disappear but as the cage reached a height of about 10 feet above the stage, one of the chains broke loose and the cage and occupants listed heavily to one side.
The bottom or one side of the cage fell to the floor and made an awful bang.

Within seconds, the stage curtain closed and Jimmy, the Cruise Director, came out and basically said that there was a slight problem and went into his speel about the upcoming activities for the night just as it were normal.

I saw the magician later in the week on the ship so I know he was alright but I was wondering what others may have heard or better, verified what when wrong and if the act is back into the line-up.

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