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Default Unhappy people

Why do unhappy people always want to bring down anyone who is happy?
I see a lot of people that are miseable and they do nothing to change their lives - I'm giving random examples here:
Over weight, eat Mc'D's everyday and complain about their weight.
Don't like their wives never mind love them and won't divorce. I know what your gonna say- money & kids- let's say there is no money & no kids, no boat, no fancy cars, no grand vacations.

My point is this: Why do people refuse to change their lives if they are unhappy and expect other people to do it for them? If you know someone like this, then I am sure you can relate.

You can die tomorrow, why not try to at least be positive - maybe you can't be happy -fine, but why freak out over the things you cannot change, and freak out about the things you can change????

If you want me to bring this around to a cruise example - how about something like this? If you have coughed up the money & time to have a cruise, why not try to enjoy it? Why do you have to be miserable and make everyone around you miseable?

Am I missing something here?
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