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Default Re: Carnival Conquest - New Orleans - Oct. 10 - 17

Well, I hate to tell you but surprise surprise. Carnival lied. They are not stopping in Grand Cayman this week. They waited until everyone was getting on the boat and sprung it on them, in the form of a letter while you were in line, that they would not be stopping in Grand Cayman but would have an extra sea day.

They have had weeks now to rework itineraries to give a third port stop or an extended stay at a port and haven't bothered to do this. They are telling everyone that they will make all their stops and then turning around and screwing you at the dock when you don't have a choice. They have been saying Grand Cayman is a definite stop for our cruise this weekend and it is obvious that it will not be.

What they want to do is keep you on the boat an extra day so you have to spend more money on them than on what you originally signed up for. I am sure that I will still have fun on the cruise, but I signed up for a three port stop, not a two port stop. With weeks of time to set this up and they haven't bothered it really is ticking me off that they not only lie to you about your itinerary when you call them, but that they haven't even bothered to try and change the inineraries at all.

Even the Cayman's government says it will be November before they feel they will be up and running for the ships again.
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