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it's kind of expensive, isn't it? To pay the money (assuming the killer is in an inside cabin) to go around, cruise to cruise, island to island to kill people one at a time, when they can do it via blowing up a bridge in NYC or CA....
You know what I think? Granted just my opinion, too much booze, maybe some anger issues or possible horniess and mental issues.... someone did something and tossed someone overboard- you know the person(s) had to be tossed, cause the handrails are pretty high. You can't simply just fall off a cruise ship by yourself... don't want your husband/wife no more? Get them drunk late...walk around with them, then toss their butt overboard- who's to say what happened? No body, no arrest, no court cases... swimming with the fishes, see????

Of course, there maybe someone in the engine room, who feels under paid and under appreciated.... lol. jk....

I do have an odd sense of humor, but it's possible...then someone else thought, hey! What a great idea! Intl waters!!!!!!
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