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Default Re: Unhappy people

Originally Posted by Cassandra
Why do unhappy people always want to bring down anyone who is happy?
I see a lot of people that are miseable and they do nothing to change their lives - I'm giving random examples here:
Over weight, eat Mc'D's everyday and complain about their weight.
Don't like their wives never mind love them and won't divorce. I know what your gonna say- money & kids- let's say there is no money & no kids, no boat, no fancy cars, no grand vacations.

My point is this: Why do people refuse to change their lives if they are unhappy and expect other people to do it for them? If you know someone like this, then I am sure you can relate.

You can die tomorrow, why not try to at least be positive - maybe you can't be happy -fine, but why freak out over the things you cannot change, and freak out about the things you can change????

If you want me to bring this around to a cruise example - how about something like this? If you have coughed up the money & time to have a cruise, why not try to enjoy it? Why do you have to be miserable and make everyone around you miseable?

Am I missing something here?
I am not sure unahppy people want to bring others down with them. Maybe they are just looking for someone to listen to them, empathize with them. A shoulder to cry on.

If you are truly happy in yourself, then an unhappy person won't bring you down. You can give that person some kind words, etc. but you can keep your positive outlook.

I've found there are people who seems to love being miserable. It gets them attention. I am thinking of a woman I used to work with -- whenever she had bad news, she went door to door in the office to share it. She loved the feedback.

As far as people who are miserable about their weight and eat unhealthy foods, well, that is a cycle they need to break. They don't like to be overweight, they are miserable, and to comfort themselves in their misery, they eat! They have to find the strength in themselves to break the cycle and take positive steps toward weight loss and eating healthy.

Don't forget, there are people prone to depression, and they may have all the money, talent, good looks, etc. in the world, and they are still miserable.
And there are people with poor self-esteem, for whatever reason, who also are unhappy.

In my view, the best thing you can do is find your own happiness and not worry about other people.
But be there for empathy if they need it.
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