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Originally Posted by Desdemona01
we both love the formal nights and just wish they were more enforced by cruise lines. As elegant as the HAL ships are, dressing formally fits right in (and, no, we're not senior citizens, as is the stereotype)
I totally agree with Desdemona. We begin to look forward to formal nights as soon as we book a cruise. My DW loves to shop for her formal clothes and we both really enjoy getting dressed to the nines for a night out. Its a nice diversion from the drabby scrubs we both wear at work everyday. We feel great when dressed in formals. We have actually dressed formal just for a night out on the town. You really should try it sometime.

I do wish they were enforced more and I totally agree with the comment on HAL. We love HAL, but even they are getting a little lax on the formal nights. If formal nights went away, we would miss them tremendously. Its something we so look forward to. We're booked on an NCL cruise next. I'll be bringing the Tux, but I suspect I'll be a minority.


PS, we're not senior citizens either. We're both 43 years young.
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