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Great, I'll talk to the cruise director and try to set something up. I'm glad the weather will be hot. I wasn't sure if it would get mild that time of year and I'm sure Alan wants to have it as hot as possible because he's coming from Detroit and will want a distinct change. I'm just coming down from Daytona and was worried it would be like Florida weather, which is great for strolling around but not great for being at the pool....a little too chilly in December. Good to hear it will hot pool weather. Should I bring a sweater for nighttime or does is stay pretty hot? Let me know when you get a chance.
Meanwhile I'm off to Detroit this weekend to play a theater show with Alan. I fly out to Detroit Friday night. Then a rehearsal and two shows Saturday. Then two shows Sunday and I have to leave immediately after the last show to get my flight back to Orlando to get in at midnight. I have to teach Monday morning at 9:30am so I can't take any of the morning flights or they won't get me back in time. I'm gonna be exhausted but It'll be worth it to see Alan. I won't see him again after this until just before we graduation is Dec 11th and he's coming out to Daytona/Orlando Dec 10th. I bet you have a whirlwind of activitiy too as your wedding approaches!
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