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Hi Morris,
I saw your msg. and just wanna let you know how life on board is and what to be prepared to deal with in the shops.
I have 3 contracts with Starboard and besicaly you work your ass off preaty much. The worst days are the sea days because you might work 16 hours straight. Yes I'm serious. And I don't wan't to make you feel bad, but the money you will make is not that great. I mean knowing you are from Canada, it's obvious you can make more money home.
But I guess you will have to find out from yourself what are you realy looking for?
*Fun, sun, exotic ports, wide selection of international girls and so on... or,
*Good and well payed job (which you won't find on board)
Anyway, if you have any further and more specific questions feel free to ask. Do you know which ship you're going to?.....
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