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Hello Morris,
congrats on your Job with starboard.I worked with starboard for two years of my six yrs on Cruise and I must tell you it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had.I was lucky to be placed on RCCL ships.When I started the money was great.Now it's not so great but not bad either,It all depends on alot of factors.

1. The cruiseline
2.The ship
3.The clientel
4.Most importantly your Giftshop manager.Honestly if you have a good Manager who knows what He/She is doing that ship can make money.I know that for sure.The Hawaii run is one of the is on of the crapest for making money,but we made alot on there because we had a good manager.

as for the hours,I have never worked 16 hrs straight in the gift shop.
I worked on Four different ships while in the shop.You can get up to 14 hours on the last sea day but that includes your 1hr or 45min lunch and your 1hr dinner.

The gift shop life is great you will enjoy it with the positive attitude.

I can discuss more with you if you'd like.

you can send me a private message with your email address.

take care
all the best
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