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I realise this last post is quite a bit old, but so was the second last one, when the poster in question responded.

Originally Posted by wootter
Just so you know, in the US you are expected to cliam your tips and pay taxes on them, and whether you do so or not is not the employer's business or problem. Therefore, they are not aiding an abetting a crime.
Out of curiosity, how exactly do you "claim" a tip? If I choose not to tip what are you going to do about it?

Secondly, Europeans need to realize that when they come to AMERICA that they should follow AMERICAN customs, which include extending a gratuity to a service provider.
That's nice. It's also irrelevent, since we're not talking about going to AMERICA. We're talking about going on a CRUISE, which may or may not be in AMERICA.

It's also BS - just because everyone else decided to jump off a cliff, doesn't mean I'm going to follow suit. Whether I go the New York, Lisbon, Toronto, Paris, or Madrid, I'm going to decide for myself what customs I'm going to take part in. I'm not going to eat frogs in France, or weird tapas in Madrid.

Thirdly, Unless you are redy to double the price of your cruise vacation, cruise lines will not be able to pay their crew more, and you should be happy that these people work for what they do***edited to romove personal attack***.
You're being dramatic here. I think it would be more accurate if you used the word "increase" instead of "double". I am personally happy for any service provider to charge their customer enough to pay their staff.

I would be happier for the cruise line to add an extra $20/day(which seems to be double the suggested tip) to the price of the cruise, and pay their staff, rather than underpaying their staff, and asking me to compensate for that.
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