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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
Tipping is universal and not considered to be lowly in any sense in any society that I know of.
True. To a point.

In some European countries, tipping more than some change can be considered an insult. Eg. Germany. If you had a meal in a restaurant and the bill came to Euros 120 and you left Euros 18 (15%), that would be considered too much. You could leave a maximum of Euros 10 to avoid it being insulting.

However, suppose you had a drink in a bar/restaurant and the bill came to Euros 4.90. If you left the 10 cents - that would be an insult. You either leave nothing or (in this case) the 10 cents and a 50 cents.

Source. I'm British and went out to dinner with some German people (in Germany) who were *horrified* when I left a 17% tip. They said that I'd be considered totally rude.
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