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Thanks for the info about your reception. Alan and I will have to be sure and stop by. I was so excited to get the invite, as I'm really looking forward to meeting some new people on the ship. Alan was laughing at me when I told him we got invited to a wedding reception (he knows I'm such a people connector). He thinks I should be a cruise director. Actually my booking company does event coordinating so I do have that "party proclivity." As for Orlando, yes, it will most likely be a bit chilly in December, though it pretty much doesn't get what I would consider "cold" almost ever. (being from Detroit, I know a few things about cold) I'd take some pants as well as shorts, and maybe a cover sweater/sweatshirt, as the weather during the day may be okay for shorts but pants will be better as the sun sets. As for do's and don'ts, I'm not really sure about that time of year for the touristy stuff. I haven't been to Disney/Universal in December so I probably can't help much. Personally, I pay the extra bucks to get the "head of the line" pass that lets you go before everyone else, but that's because I have no patience for the lines anymore. I think you'll have a great time and truly the weather is great in Orlando except during the summer when it's sweltering and during the rainy season late summer to mid fall. Otherwise it's gorgeous and I've loved being out here these last three years for grad school. I've loved going to class in January with dance pants and a tee shirt on and no coat/mittens/scarf/etc. Speaking of class, I've got my thesis defense on Thursday and so I'd better go get ready for it. Wish me luck. I've been very anxious about it and I couldn't sleep tonight (it's about 6:30am) and thought I'd calm myself by checking in and thinking forward to the cruise, not freaking out about Thursday. But I need to get more sleep so I'd better go. Detroit was great this last to see Alan which was the best...and we played for a large children's theater production of Aladdin which went off very well. But now I've got to get back into the thesis defense mode. There is still so much to finish before I get my degree and get on that ship! Take care and keep in touch. Looking forward to meeting you on board!
Debbie, first time cruiser celebrating graduate school graduation. Star Princess 12/16/06. MFA in Musical Theater from the University of Central Florida Theater Conservatory, Orlando...finally!!!
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