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Hi Fern,
It's midnight and I just got home from a marathon thesis session with my thesis partner, Josephine. I'm printing my almost 150 page document as we speak to go over edits for tomorrow to turn in before Thursday. I'll let you know if we move the thread. It's weird, I'm getting more play on this thread than the two other MeetOnBoard/RollCall threads I've got going on elsewhere. Weird. Maybe some of the mainstream threads are better covered....who knows. Thanks for the "break a leg" for Thursday. We've got a good presentation: power point for photos and some libretto/scripting to follow as well as some other theatrical aesthetics such as lighting, CD ambience pre-show and Josie, my partner is a fabulous baker so she baked pastries from France, Germany, and America, which represents the three countries we're covering in our Cabaret genre research. Should be fun and informative. I hope the panel likes it...we sure put in a lot of work. I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, It's after midnight and I have classes to teach early in the morning so I'm gonna hit it. Thanks for checking in...I'm always so glad to hear from you....I can't wait to celebrate this thesis MFA victory on our cruise!
Take care,
Debbie, first time cruiser celebrating graduate school graduation. Star Princess 12/16/06. MFA in Musical Theater from the University of Central Florida Theater Conservatory, Orlando...finally!!!
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