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thanks down for the honest reply.i really didn't know any of this crew-crew,passenger-crew hooking ups are this common ,before i read it,it's eye opennig!and suck.i must be blind on my cruise.or maybe i was on family ship ther was no such going on.rci was controlling things better..
wonder if this's nature call,why they dont get a hotel room on port,then snicking around and getting trouble.and why not they noticed where're the nearest ,,,"{****$}",,i don't know that word,never need it one..
but i did guess for crewmembers,what would i expect when they jammed them all like a peanutbutter sandwich for 6 months.and some of them have really good relationship too.good for them..

As some people have said, I wouldn't trust a guy (or I guess girls also can do this) on your cruise trying to hook up with you as wanting anything other than a one-week stand, if you will.[/quote]

i think i totally missread last part.i wasn't expected any advise for my self.i did not been and never will be with any crew-staff member.non of them never attracted to me this way on ship.but i did yell out loud to my cookshef I LOVE you!!(couse he cooks so yummy.)and he replyed the same.i would do this even when he has his wife with him.he knows what i meant.
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