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Originally Posted by You
I want to cruise to hawaii in Jan or Feb 2007. We have 5 adults and 1 infant. I live in LA. what will be cheapest option for me? including all transportation and cruise fare/air fare?
Please find a reputable travel agent in your area. A reputable travel agent will help you to find the best option for your party, taking many complex factors into account, and will get you as good of a fare as what you generally find on the Internet or anywhere else.

It's nearly impossible to predict what option will be least expensive until you sit down with a travel agent and price out all of the options. For two couples, for example, it's sometimes less expensive to book two standard cabins and sometimes less expensive to book a suite (one couple gets the bedroom and the other gets the sleep sofa in the parlor area). Also, some ships have "family suites" with berths for ten adults and two full heads. Also, the cruises to Hawai'i round trip from Los Angeles or San Diego have proven to be very popular -- you'll pay more for the cruise, but you'll eliminate the air fare completely, so the total may be less. It also depends how long of a vacation you want to take, as hotel add-ons anywhere in Hawai'i are considerably more expensive than on the mainland. You also need to consider how various cruise lines match your lifestyle -- some cruise lines will be a much better match for your party than others, and there's no point in going where you will be miserable.

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