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Originally Posted by Fern
Hi Nita,

I agree with you that taking your own drink from your cabin (wine or anything else), anywhere on the ship is "tacky", but how would anyone know?

We often order a drink while waiting to eat. Should I just leave 3/4 of a drink on the bar and not take it with me into the dining room? How would anyone know that I bought it at the bar and didn't bring it with me from the cabin?

We don't drink wine, but I agree that the $15.00 corkage fee is ridiculous. On our cruise's we've found that most people who brought wine to dinner were charged the $15.00 fee the first night, but there was no charge after that. That may not be done the same on HAL .
I guess it would depend on what kind of a glass you had it in: I still wouldn't do it, but I certainly wouldn't leave a drink at the bar either. DH and I were discussing this just about an hour ago: I was telling him I wanted to stop at a store in Ft Lauderdale and pick up about 3 or 4 bottles. We usually drink $6.00-$10.00 price range wines; add $15 and it is still cheaper than the $30-45.00 they charge for the same thing. He agreed but still hates the idea. The suggestion was:we don't drink on the ship: after I finished laughing i gave him my answer....Nita
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