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I flew from Houston to London this past July to cruise out of problems on the flight over (13 hr flight)..on the way home was another thing! I tried to sleep more,not getting up and walking around and drinking water like on the flight over,and about an hour before we landed in Houston,my legs were swollen huge from my ankles to my knees! Ive NEVER had swelling in my ankes or legs,and I tell you,it was pretty freightening! My leg was like a rock,and it felt like it was going to split open at any moment! I spent the last hour of the flight walking laps in the plane and drinking water.I thought I was going to have to make a drs appt,but finally on the 3rd day after I got home,my legs started to feel and look normal again! Im 56 years old,but in pretty good physical shape..

They have several "how to combat jet lag" sites,but on my way home,I failed to heed the advice!They show you how to do certain excersies that will help you while seated. Also,make sure you take sandles so that if your feet swell,you will be able to put your shoes back on.I had bought special socks for long flights at Target to wear,and then found that BA gave us a goodie bag that contained some.

I said that I would NEVER fly coach again if it was over 5 hrs and here I am booked on a long flight to Hawaii in July! I will hope that our flight is NOT over booked and maybe I can upgrade at the airport! But,I wont count on it.Im just going to hope for the best.Im just glad I had the problem on my way home,and not on while I was in Venice.

I always wondered why most of the flights we checked were more expensive for layovers or plane Im thinking it might be due to jet lag! It never crossed my mind that I might want to get off that plane for a little while...hmm..I guess your never too old to learn something new Dot
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