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Sorry bud cant help, but I appreciate your thoughts and they made me think back and again to when I was there.

What I will say is that for most of us "oldies", experience says you take a price and then cruise based on "what you actually want or payed for" and from that experience accept it and then get on with it.

That scenario means you jump in.... take a cabin at that moment in time when you are ready to hand over your money.... and now your vacation is booked andjust look forward to it.

Just live with that and what your going to get at that moment in time for the money.. its a gamble on price paid,, accept that!

For example....the DW and I got a balcony cabin on a RCCI ship, exactly 6 weeks before sailing, the price suited us....But....some really nice and organised people we met at our dining table, paid $100 more than us p/p for an inside cabin 8 months before .

Its a chance, and a lottery. There is no logic as these people 8 months before "thought" they had got a "deal" based on their need for the ship at that time and its pricing and of course a lot of TA/Line "spin" re deals.

Thats why I never pre book any cruise a year or more in advance at the "desk" on the ship or line that I like,,,that fools gold, and I've never met anyone who actually got a deal out of it worth doing or having.
Discount levels that far in advance are lets say "basic".

In the cruise world there is "nothing" worse than sitting at a table or bar and talking to people that are sitting beside you for $xxx less and in better cabins, and they did it at the nearly last minute.

Personally, it's a no win situation, but its part of the "cruise" learning curve, you take care and forget the money. just enjoy your vacation.

You are not alone, we have all been stung in our minds at some time

And before I am reminded , the same thing goes for "guaranteed upgrades".... there is no such animal, that's spin as in reality and you pay, live and learn. You pay either for it or are very lucky to find one for free at the bottom of the rainbow....myth
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