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Default Re: a girl in every port? Or cruise?

Originally Posted by Paul B
P & O in australia is alot different than ships overseas. Its a floating pub over here. the club is packed every night. and people are drunk and up till 5am. average age is 25. theres heaps of singles and lots of 18 - 22yrs old.
its legal to drink from 18 in OZ, so everyone has fun.

activities during the day are boring as ****, as omly the old people go. lol expcept for stuff like mini olypics or belly flop comp. which is awesome.

i highly suggest everyone trys to get on P & O australia. its the best fun you will have. oh and as for the kiss thing and sleeping with passengers. most of the sports guys and cruise staff and myself as a Dj, had att least one passenger per 7 day cruise. usally 2 -3 on a 12day cruise.

vomit happened every night between at least one passenger and a crew. its very differnet OZ. so please do not think its like this on american ships...ITS NOT.

3 people were disembarked on the ship while i was there. fact remains, it happens, no one really cares as long as both partys are happy. but once complaints are made, ur fired.

im kent brokeman... and thats my 2cents


ps: our deputy was sleeping with the cruise director and would let us ( all the ent ertainment boys) use his double bed in his room when we picked up. all he said... was dont gte caught.
After all you said very open,i want to hear whats your point of view to mrs Brimble incident,how do you going to interpret your observation as a seaman and aussie.just curious.
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