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Originally Posted by DavidBgood
lulu48, that's what they actually present when offering deals, but in reality it does not happen. There is a big difference from filling 200 seats on a plane to 3,000 on a ship. But agreed they have got their pricing policy for early bookers into reality.

Yes. give the people that book a year or so in advance the best ever discount available and not based on a count down for sold or not sold cabins X months later via TA's until sailing.

If these people are putting their hard earned cash up front, they should get the best discounts available for that ship. But that does not happen as they have to please the TA's and their expected mark up on the price you pay.
If they offer a better discount to those booking before 90 days of the cruise then up the price.
People would soon get use to booking early .
I am sure the TA would rather get commission on a $2000. booking than on $399. booking.

If there are still cabins unsold a week or two before sailing then go ahead and offer them at a discount.
People are getting use to waiting for the deal and the cruise line loses, the passengers lose in quality of service , food etc...

Oh well it will probably never happen that way so I will move on!
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