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Originally Posted by Joie
So does everyobne agree or dis-agree that it is better to go thru Carnival now that all things are equal in the price department.....than to use a travel agent.........
Joie, that will depend on how well you like your TA or your PVP. If you have a good TA, and he or she, are doing you a good job, stay there. And the same with a PVP. But... If there not doing you a good job, and your not satisfied with there performance. Take the names that you have been given here and give them a call. Feel them out. You'll know if you'll like doing business with them, probadly by the time your phone call is over. I'm actually going to do the same. I've wrote down Bob's and Denny's names they have suggested. Because I'm in the market for a new TA myself. ( or PVP )
Thanks guy's for the information;
Happy Sailing to all;
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