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Originally Posted by longbeachlarry
lhp - thanks for this info...
I just posted a new topic about this in the destination section and then found this thread. Looks like Paradise Beach is a good option. One of the folks in the group is a vegetarian...I know you said that it had good food, we just want to be sure that there are options for her.
I had to stop and think because I don't know a lot about how restrictive the vegetarian diet is. I know that there are some who are "vegans" who don't eat anything that even comes from an cheese nachos would be out. If you google "Paradise Beach" +Cozumel, you will get a very helpful website. You can email Tom (the manager) specific questions and he will answer them promptly. That why there are no surprises.

I believe they have bean nachos but even some of those bean dishes are "cooked" with animal fat. So it would be best to ask Tom directly!!

If I find out anything else, I will post it.

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