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Default Tick Tock, Tick Tock........

Several years back, I had this handbag, that I only took on cruises. It was round patent leather, and the entire front of it, was a clock...Now, this is not something I normally would carry, but on a cruise, from the very first time, it was an attention getter, and a conversation starter, which I loved..Such an easy way to get the wait in the terminal off to a good start...

From then on, I always used it when I cruised. Once in Aruba, I was stopped by a couple, and they wanted their picture taken with it! It also was a way to meet up with people from the boards, all I would say is look for the lady, with the clock bag, and as you would imagine, they didn't find more then one

Well, a couple of years ago, the old girl took her last cruise, I know, I know, it was a SAD day But guess what? I found another one..yayayay

This time it's a square one, so if you see a lady with one on your cruise, it just might be me Come say hi

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