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Originally Posted by san007
that is so good to know Momofmeg. The first night on the Glory, my sheets smelled as if they weren't changed. i also saw hair long and short on my sheets a few nights. I ecaught the cabin steeward just raking the sheets with his hand. I went bizerk. I knew they were cutting corners. From then on I didn't trust my cabin steward.
I don't think they change your sheets but once midweek-it is not like a hotel and every night. I don't car eif it was ME who previously slept on the sheets-jus tmake sure it is not the previous cruiser!

which I also noticed they changed the mattress covers also.

BTW- I worry about hotels more-because they LOVE those dryclean only spreads-how often do you think they get drycleaned? I bet no more then once a month.
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