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Default Comprehensive List

I'm planning a trip for a large is my list so far. Thanks for all of your suggestions, I've added them to the list!


I’m sure everyone knows they must pack clothes, toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, and makeup), shoes, formal wear, travel documents, money and credit cards. Here are a few items you might need that you may not have thought about.

Name and phone number of your primary care physician
Health Insurance information
Medical history (if traveling alone or without someone familiar with your history)

Dramamine or equivalent for seasickness
Tylenol or Advil
Emetrol or nausea medicine
Any prescription medicine (syringes, sharps container and swabs if needed)
Any medical equipment you use (glasses, blood pressure and sugar monitors)
Swimmer's Ear Drops
Condoms (for the consenting, single, of age adults!)
Midol or equivalent
Feminine products

Aloe Vera gel with lidocaine (sunburn)
Sun screen
Neosporin ointment
Lip balm
Hand sanitizer
Hand lotion
Evian Spray Mineral Water (great for dry skin)
Contact lens cleaning solutions, etc.
Cotton swabs
Ace bandage

foot powder

Cleaning Stuff
Wrinkle releaser
Tide pen
Shout wipes
Detergent (if you are going to wash clothes on the ship)
Spray starch (if you need to iron on the ship…call your room steward, not me, if you need help)

Baby wipes
Febreze or air freshener

Clothing and Accessories
Fanny pack
Beach bag
Sweater or jacket (it gets cool in the dining room)
Water shoes
Extra glasses (in case you lose the first pair)
Socks or slippers (don’t walk barefoot on the dirty floors!)

Night light
Highlighter (highlight to do activities on the Capers)
Pen & Post-it Notes (to leave messages)

Door Decoration (to easily locate your room)
Camera and/or camcorder
Waterproof camera for excursions
Battery charger for phone and camera
Walkie-talkies and batteries
I Pod and/or laptop if you need it

Power strip for all those electrical things
Extra film, cassettes, memory cards and batteries
Sewing kit
Duck tape
Clothes pins (to weigh the shower curtain down)
Blow dryer (if you need more than one or a high setting)
Insulated cup to bring by the pool

1’s & 5’s for room service tips and lockers onshore
Fish license holder
Cheap beach towels

Snacks for the room
Bottled water
Can drinks
Bungee cord to hold a balcony door open
Copies of travel documents
Large and small ziploc bags
Favorite bath soap
Over the door or shower folding caddy for all the junk

Curling Iron, curlers and/or straightener
Hairbrush, clips and ponytail holders
YOUR pillow if you have to have it
empty duffle bag for dirty clothes or souvenirs

manicure kit

business cards

I'm color coding this for me! Green means I've got it, red means I'm not going to bring it and black means I still have to get it!
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