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Hi Norm,
On my last cruise we were seated at a table that should have had 3 couples including us. The one couple didn't come to the dining room the whole cruise. The other was a female gay couple. Which would not have been a problem if the one lady who was about my mom's age hadn't been hitting on me the whole cruise. We violated the one about sitting on the right on day 2 because I didn't want to sit that close to this lady. She kept staring at the twins yes they are real and my eyes are up here.

She also asked me why I felt the dollar had declined in value as compared to other currencies. I could tell she wanted to turn the discussion into a President Bush bashing talk. However, I majored in finance so I give her the facts from a financial point of view including a talk about the Chinese Yuan as compared to the US dollar. I was just getting into a talk about natural market cycles. When the waitress came to take my order at which time my tablemate changed the topic. I allowed the change in topic and she never try to engage me in political conversation after that.

We should have requested a change of table because that one tablemate made me uncomfortable the entire cruise. For me you should not undress your tablemates with your eyes and the three topics you should not discuss in the dining room are: money, politics and religion.
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