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Default Baggage Tags Arrived (To dance or not to dance???) Hmmmm?

Our Xmas Panama cruise is official, I guess!

Our baggage tags have arrived from Princess with a mound of paperwork and pre-cruise "homework." Ugh!

I miss the days of real cruise documents in all of their clear plastic glory!

We cannot help but think this cost cutting approach regarding pre-cruise information is a mistake on the part of Princess, especially when trying to attract repeat business from first time cruisers should be a priority.

So do we do a baggage tag dance (formerly doc dance) or just nuzzle up real close to the computer to do our pre-cruise homework assignment?

I'm starting to have greater appreciation for those dark blue travel pouches, of which I have a drawer full, one receives from Holland America with the docs and other cruise info filed appropriately. They make the cruise seem a bit more official, or so it seems to me.

Well I guess I'll go work on my homework now!
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