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rollerdonna and Marty,

Originally Posted by rollerdonna
I have problem feet. I need to wear orthopedic inserts in regular shoes, and I can wear an open shoe or dress shoe only for a limited amount of time (dinner, for instance, and kick them off under the table!).
I have found a "dressy sandal", it has a silvery base, a blue (or pink, I bought 2 pair!) thong, with a pretty flower applique. It also has an ever so slightly elevated heel, as I cannot wear heels, and it is ultimately comfortable.
Question is, does this sound dressy enough for a formal night?
Originally Posted by Marty
I too have foot problems. My shoes may not be as dressy as I used to wear and I'm sure that some poeple would criticize them as too casual, but it's those shoes or barefoot. Shoes are formal night are a good thing! Wear yours and have fun. They sound very cute!
If there's a medical problem that prevents you from conforming fully to the prescribed dress code, conform as closely as possible while doing whatever you must to deal with the medical issue. The standard of dress presumes that one is medically able to comply with it!

You ladies have an advantage. If you wear a full length dress with a fairly full skirt, your shoes won't be very noticeable because the skirt of the dress will hide them.

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