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Will I be the only one to admit I have NRVER heard the term serviette? I sure hope not...While I don't pretend to be Emily Post, I act appropriately, when see these rules, some of which seem a bit archaic to me these days.

Would someone really be upset if the lady is not seated on the right? As I have mentioned before, as above posters have also mentioned, we play musical chairs at the table..A different ear, a different vantage point in the dining room, makes for a nice change nightly. I also tend not to want desert, for the most part..So if someone left early, I would not be offended in the least. Before alternatibe dining, if you were a couple shy, you would know they were not happy with the table complement. Now, you really have no idea.

So, can we add your name to the serviette list? PULEEZE

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