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We just got off the Crown Princess on Saturday. The first formal night we went to the dinning room- personal choice.

There was a table of 4 people at one table next to ours. There was an empty table for 8. Then all of sudden a brand new bride and her sisters, parents walked in and one of the sisters announced to the whole dinning room that she had been refused service for more drinks. They went on to tap on the glasses every 5 minutes- NO joke. We had it timed out. She went onto to say- if you don't click your glass you are not an American!
The grooms table- only 4 of them were sitting there in a state of shock.
The drunk girl- got into a loud verbal agrument with my sister and in 30 plus cruises we have never seen that type of behavoir in a dinning room. The dinning room staff did not do anything.

When I said something to the person at the door- I said why didn't you put them in a corner so they would have some private space? My job is to sit people...

Needless to say- we went to the other dinning room 3rd night on.


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