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I watched a news program 20/20 or something like it.
Where they dressed an actor in a captains uiform from the 'love boat show'
They stood outside a casino in Las Vegas and gave out info on how they could go on a free cruise. the show used a hidden camera, and voice o f the actor & the baited.
You should see the peoiple lineing up for the free cruise.
After serveral people took the offer.
they had to tell them they were on TV.
the show went on to warn how not to get taken.
If it is to good to be true it is probable not.and is a scan
I get emails every day to give infomation about my ebay account, which I don't have.
I recently read a good book "Scam Proof your Life" I highly recommend reading it. topincs are medical, travel, phone,Nigerian letter, identity theft,
home inspections,auto & attorneys. Be smart, & be shafe.
Carole 8)
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