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Shortly after we moved to Texas, Hubby and I went to a boat show. Hubby signed up to win a free boat. About a week later, he got a call saying he had won. All we had to do is bring something to tow it with, and drive 2 hours from our house. We were so excited. We got there, and sure enough the place was on a large lake, and there sat "our boat. "

The man who met us, said that the boss wasn't there to release it, so how would we like to take a ride with him around the lake. We said sure, and away we went.

It was a beautiful place, lots of new homes, apartments, pools etc. After about an hour we came back to the place, and the guide said that we needed to fill out some paperwork for the boat, or as he was calling it, "Our dream of a lifetime" I soon realized that it looked like a credit application. I asked and he said it was IRS stuff. You know taxes and stuff. He said just sign at the bottom, and we will be all set. "No don't try to read all that fine print, you know how the Federal Gov. is"

We were still waiting on "The Boss" but he finally came in. Shook our hands, and thanked us for buying one of his time shares. I said what is a time share, and he said one of our beautiful apartments. I said we didn't buy any apartment, we came for the boat we won.

Long story short, we didn't come home with a boat, but we came home with much more. We learned that not all clean cut people are honest, not to sign up for a contest, and to buy our own Damn boat!!

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