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We won a free trip to Maui...flight included and a weeks stay at a lovely condo. My husband and I were BEYOND excited. It was very clear, no question about it...we had won!

I couldn't wait to share the good news with my sister who lives about an hour away, I called and she had won the same trip! We thought...isn't that odd? (It takes us a while!!!!!!)

Anyway, she and her husband had an appointment with the TRAVEL Agency for the following week, so we changed OUR appointment time to the weekend after. This would give my sister time to call us an give us all the dirt...(my husband had planned to take off work. You see the times to come in and CLAIM your prize were fixed...more hummmm?)

My sister and her husband arrived...were treated to a nice lunch AND A CONDO SALES session!

And yes, there was a trip to Maui...which turned out to be a very expensive FREE vacation with all the hidden cost.

We thanked my sister...canceled our session, and laughed that we could still be that naive.

NOTHINGS FOR FREE! (Why can't we ever learn that??? )
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